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Established in 2006, Vertical Lending has a long history of standing tall even amid diverse economies. A streamlined process has contributed to our success allowing for innovative lending solutions.  Utilizing our knowledge of the mortgage banking industry, we assist our clients in any way possible to ensure their complete satisfaction. Vertical Lending is dedicated to supporting the integrity and character of the mortgage industry. We are the higher lending standard.

Aerial View of Modern Neighborhood
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Jared W.


We needed a jumbo loan and vertical lending delivered on time as promised. This companies highly professional I couldn't say more! Highly recommended.

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Richard K.  Attorney & Client

I have worked closely with Vertical Lending for years. Vertical has always been able to find the best loan product and offers excellent fees and rates consistently to me and my clients. From the title insurance and closing perspective I have seen Vertical, close small FHA mortgages to Multimillion dollar jumbo loans. First time home-buyers to savvy real estate investors, even elders that obtained a reverse mortgage, the attention and detail is consistently outstanding with each loan.


Jordana W.


I've used Vertical for both of my loans and both times I received superb service; the staff stayed in contact with me during the whole process, answered all of my questions and worked diligently to get my loans approved in a timely fashion.

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John H.


All of the staff at Vertical Lending are just good, genuine, and honest people. As a first time home buyer they helped me every step of the way, and were able to easily answer any question I had. I couldn't be more happy with the service they provided. I will definitely be using them again in the future. I highly recommend these guys.

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Chris U.


Ryan, Robert, and Mindi did a superb job at not only helping find the right loan but saved me over 400 dollars a month in doing it ,by helping me consolidate some debt, and got me a lower interest rate then I currently had! I didn't think it was possible but this team worked magic. From beginning to end they stuck by my side. Always responded in a timely manner and excellent customer service. Ryan even came to the closing today with me. I have done this in the past and this was a first time anyone has took the time to come to the title company and make sure things went smoothly. I can now live more comfortably and have less stress! ! Would recommend them 1000 percent! Thanks Ryan, Robert, and Mindi for making this happen and the work you all have put in to do so! THANKS VERTICAL LENDING